Our Service

Blockchain token is different from existing tokens. Existing coupons are a one-off and after usage, they’re worthless, Blockchain tokens are issued by stores and available with cash.

You can also send tokens to other people at any time, and they don’t disappear forever.

Your token can also be used as promotionals to anyone in the world..

we created our own evens blockchain.

Instant Token Payment Solution for Merchant

Create your own token and get potential customers.

How to use our solution:

Set the name of the token.
Set the amount of tokens you issue.
Sell tokens to customers and get cash
Used tokens are redistributed.
Use tokens for various events.
Can sell tokens online through vaisen sources

eToken Benefits

  • It can secure potential new customers.
  • It can help sell your goods quickly.
  • Make events for your regular customers.
  • Tokens can be continuously recycled.
  • Improve your shop’s brand image with new Blockchain tech
  • Clients can use tokens; just like cash.
  • Get store products at lowered prices.
  • Clients can give tokens to their friends or family.
  • Clients can receive various token promotions offered by the store.

Most Secure Payments System

– Blockchain Infrastructure : Integrates Blockchain technology to provide the most secure payments service with total transparency and traceability

– Escrow & Nodal Service System : Partnered with IndusInd Bank, one of the most innovative banks in India, we’re providing a safe & secure storage of your assets

– Young Technology : Our technology is young, our future is bright and our vision is wide. By joining the Vaisen platform, you’re becoming part of an exciting future

Why Choose Evens Tokens?

We provide the most exciting solution in the digital currency world right now, with low costs, and secure data management system.

Competitive Advantage
We are proud to introduce the first viable Blockchain Tokens Payments Service Platform.
Blockchain Infrastructure
Integrates Blockchain technology to provide the best security service.

NFC Tagging Integration
Patented technology used in our Prepaid Payments System in India, Japan, Korea & Thailand.
Nodal & Escrow Service
An efficient, secure method used by businesses like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, etc to ensure both parties get a fair bite of the cherry.

Service Fee

Publish Dedicated Tokens

  • Write a smart contract.
  • Create Nodes for tokens
  • Maintenance of token
  • Maintenance of wallet.

10% of the amount issued. (+tax)Your token will be listed and distributed at vaisenshop (payment fee is 2%)