• Make Your Tokens

    Your shop can run its own token, which can be published and shared with your clients

  • Pay with QR Code

    Tokens for use as payment tools. All payment processes are run on closed wallets

  • Cross Border Transfers

    You can send and receive Published Tokens globally with your friends and family

  • Closed wallet

    Indian wallets is a closed wallet; each token can only be used only with dedicated vendors.

  • Unique Token

    Vaisen token is totally different from other tokens. It is run on blockchain which makes it unalterable and unhackable

  • Find Merchants Near You

    You can find the closest merchant so you on our network with our Geolocate feature

Most Secure
Payments System

Vaisen Payment Wallets

- Blockchain Infrastructure : Integrates Blockchain technology to provide the most secure payments service with total transparency and traceability

- Escrow & Nodal Service System : Partnered with IndusInd Bank, one of the most innovative banks in India, we’re providing a safe & secure storage of your assets

- Young Technology : Our technology is young, our future is bright and our vision is wide. By joining the Vaisen platform, you’re becoming part of an exciting future

Merchants Benefits


With you can see all tokens transactions. It’s transparent and traceable

You can sell your token to your clients

After publishing token, then you can sell your tokens globally to your clients.
We can help to promote your token globally

Blockchain based Token

Tokens run on blockchain tech. Which means they can’t be copied or altered. It’s more secure than other common tokens systems.

Accept customised gift cards

You can make your own digital tokens and gift cards. You can get deposited client funds and send token to your clients.

You can use gift cards for sales, events and promotions with vaisen blockchain token

Easy of Use

Our service was made for Easy Transfers.Just download app and pay token to merchant. Can send easy with Qr Code..



Customer Stories

My company gave me Evens Tokens as a bonus. I thought it was a joke and I didn’t know how to use it, but Vaisen staff helped me find real retailers near my home. Now it’s like real money to me. Salma Begum (Carecella Cosmetics Pvt Ltd)
எனது அரிசி வியாபாரத்திற்கான தற்போதைய கணக்கு திறக்க வங்கிகள் தயாராக இல்லை. நாங்கள் பெரிய வங்கிகளுக்கு மிகக் குறைவு. ஆனால் வைஸன் கொடுப்பனவுகள் எங்கள் மொபைல் தொலைபேசிகளில் நேரடியாக பணம் செலுத்துவதற்கு ஒரு புதிய வாய்ப்பை எங்களுக்கு வழங்கின. நன்றி வைஸன்!   சரவண குமார் (சரவண பாரதி ரைஸ் மாண்டி)
인도에서 계좌만드는 건 엄청 어려운 일이었는데 이런 방법이 있었군요!! 강력 추천입니다.   김인권
Vaisen worked some kind of magic on my juice shop. Now I get Korean clients almost every day. I definitely recommend joining Vaisen! Ifran (Brother Juice Shop)
I divide my accounts into to time periods: Before Vaisen & After Vaisen. Try it for yourself. What do you lose?   Mr. Jang (JHJ Impex)
게스트하우스를 운영하는데, 한국 손님들이 항상 결제 때문에 어려움을 겪었어요. 그런데 이제 이캐쉬로 받으면 문제 없겠네요. 감사해요!! 현정아


Team 1


Team 2


Head of Development
Team 3


General Manager



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